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Should I Hire a Realtor for a New Construction Home?

Lancaster Homes - Friday, March 13, 2020

Do I need to hire a Realtor to buy a new home in Candlelight Place? The answer isn’t so simple.

Our team has decades of experience building luxury, semi-custom homes. We also treat our customers like family and do everything we can to make them happy. However, it is still beneficial to hire a Realtor to assist you.

Realtors Can Help You Navigate Financing

Gaining financing for new construction can be more complex than getting a loan for a resale.

New homes can take months to build depending on square footage and features requested.

If a buyer barely qualifies to purchase a home at the time of the contract, then they may not be able to buy if mortgage rates increase. Most lenders will not lock in an interest rate for more than 90 days in advance.

A realtor who is accustomed to dealing with new construction homes will be able to recommend lending options and keep you within your desired price point. The builder’s agent is also aware of preferred lenders and can connect you with a bank who knows the builder’s reputation and is more likely to approve the loan.

Realtors Are Your Advocate During Inspections

Every home in Candlelight Place is built with the greatest attention to detail, the best materials available, and with the skill that only comes from decades of semi-custom home building experience.

Although we are confident in our product, we still encourage customer walkthroughs. We want to be sure you’re 100 percent happy with your new home. If there’s anything you are not completely satisfied with or your realtor discovers, we will get it fixed right away.

Realtors Do Almost Exactly What the Builder’s Agent Does

Buying a new construction home has a lot of moving pieces. Adding the Realtor to the mix means you have yet another person to communicate with in addition to the builder and the builder’s agent.

Whether you choose to hire a Realtor or not is up to you. We want you to be informed, happy and relaxed throughout the process.

Come tour Candlelight Homes and see how you feel.


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