Should I Hire a Realtor for a New Construction Home?

Friday, March 13, 2020

Do I need to hire a Realtor to buy a new home in Candlelight Place? The answer isn’t so simple.

Our team has decades of experience building luxury, semi-custom homes. We also treat our customers like family and do everything we can to make them happy. However, it is still beneficial to hire a Realtor to assist you.

Realtors Can Help You Navigate Financing

Gaining financing for new construction can be more complex than getting a loan for a resale.

New homes can take months to build depending on square footage and features requested.

If a buyer barely qualifies to purchase a home at the time of the contract, then they may not be able to buy if mortgage rates increase. Most lenders will not lock in an interest rate for more than 90 days in advance.

A realtor who is accustomed to dealing with new construction homes will be able to recommend lending options and keep you within your desired price point. The builder’s agent is also aware of preferred lenders and can connect you with a bank who knows the builder’s reputation and is more likely to approve the loan.

Realtors Are Your Advocate During Inspections

Every home in Candlelight Place is built with the greatest attention to detail, the best materials available, and with the skill that only comes from decades of semi-custom home building experience.

Although we are confident in our product, we still encourage customer walkthroughs. We want to be sure you’re 100 percent happy with your new home. If there’s anything you are not completely satisfied with or your realtor discovers, we will get it fixed right away.

Realtors Do Almost Exactly What the Builder’s Agent Does

Buying a new construction home has a lot of moving pieces. Adding the Realtor to the mix means you have yet another person to communicate with in addition to the builder and the builder’s agent.

Whether you choose to hire a Realtor or not is up to you. We want you to be informed, happy and relaxed throughout the process.

Come tour Candlelight Homes and see how you feel.


4 Reasons to Move to Oak Forest

Friday, March 13, 2020

Houston is one of the fastest-growing urban markets in the nation. There are multiple reasons why families are flocking to Houston and settling down in a thriving community like Oak Forest.

This list is just a snapshot. We encourage you to do your research and find out why making the move is the right choice for you and your family.

1. Moving to Oak Forest is a Wonderful Investment

If you’re moving from Boston, New York, or Los Angeles, your money will go a lot further in Houston. You can purchase a beautiful, luxurious home in the newly-developed Candlelight Place community in Oak Forest from $1.1M. For that price, you can get a new, luxury home with over 4,000 square feet.

Home values in the Houston metro have steadily increased over the years, so now is the perfect time to make the move if you want to cash in on the equity down the road.

2. The Food is Amazing

From authentic taquerias to high-end restaurants, there are great places to eat in Houston’s Oak Forest for every budget and palate.

Because there are so many restaurants, you can eat at a different restaurant for every meal and it would take years before you had a duplicate.

Considered a foodie paradise, Houston is home to multiple James Beard Award-winning chefs, and Michelin Star restaurants. Do yourself and your tastebuds a favor and give Houston’s cities diverse food a try.

3. Jobs are Plentiful

From medical and tech to engineering and energy, the job market in Houston is one of the strongest in the nation.

Candlelight Place in Houston’s Oak Forest is conveniently located near downtown with easy access to the medical district and Energy Corridor. With new companies establishing their headquarters here, even more opportunities will be available soon.

4. Healthcare is Revolutionary

Houston has the largest medical center in the world with over 21 hospitals, eight research institutes, and over 50 related healthcare organizations.

Millions have been spent to fight cancer and advances in research have led to an increase in positive outcomes. Houston’s MD Anderson Cancer Center has attracted prestigious individuals from around the world because of its cutting-edge treatment and track record for curing cancer.

If you need more reasons to move to Houston or Candlelight Place in Oak Forest, just check out our available inventory.

3 Gadgets That Will Take Your Home to The Next Level

Thursday, March 12, 2020

New homes in Candlelight Place are built with the highest quality materials and extreme attention to detail. While these dream homes are built to exceed your expectations, they do not come fully furnished.

Part of the excitement of moving into a new home is purchasing the latest and greatest technology to make your life just a little bit easier. From 4K TVs and sound bars to smart speakers, the list of homebuyer gadgets is endless. Take a look at some of our favorites.

Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is a thermostat that can be controlled with a phone, tablet, smart speaker, or other bluetooth enabled device.

Depending on the specific model, smart thermostats can offer a variety of cool features. Smart thermostats, like the Nest, can learn your heating and cooling preferences, detect issues with your HVAC system, and remind you when it’s time to change your air filter.

Most homes with modern HVAC systems can upgrade to a smart thermostat, provided there’s a wifi connection. Shop around to find the best thermostat for your budget and start living comfortably while saving on electricity today.

Smart Speaker

You’ve probably heard of the Amazon Echo and Google Home. They are two of the most popular smart speakers and home assistants available on the market today.

Smart speakers can play music, answer questions and control other connected devices when you say a key phrase. These speakers come in different styles, operating systems and price ranges.

It’s pretty much a personal robot and is something every home should have.

Wifi Extender

When an area in your home doesn't get strong wifi reception then a wifi extender or booster is worth investigating.

The best wifi extenders will simply pick up where your router starts to lose coverage, and increase your network’s range to give you a significant boost in your wireless coverage by repeating that signal.

Want to stream movies in the backyard by the pool? A wifi extender can help.

Regardless of which gadgets you decide to purchase, the important part is that your home feels like home. See what’s available in Candlelight Place Today and happy shopping!

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