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3 Reasons Your Kids Will Love Candlelight Place by Lancaster Homes

Lancaster Homes - Thursday, February 13, 2020

Candlelight Place by Lancaster Homes is different from other neighborhoods in Oak Forest. It is the only neighborhood in Oak Forest with brand-new luxury homes that have a suburban feel.

Imagine an idyllic setting with wide sidewalks and lush front yards tucked away from busy roads but still perfectly situated for easy downtown access. The location paired with the beautiful luxury homes makes it easy to see why adults are in love with Candlelight Place but what about their kids?

Here are the top 3 reasons why your kids will love Candlelight Place.

1. There Are New Friends to Make Right Away

Candlelight Place is a laid-back, family-friendly neighborhood that provides new residents with a warm welcome. When you move in, it is common for neighbors to stop by and introduce themselves, and there’s a good chance they have kids.

Because the community is tucked away from busy roads, kids are often seen playing outside and riding their bikes, at least when they’re not playing Fortnite or other video games.

It’s easy for your kids to make friends and as parents, you can feel rest assured that the community is safe for them to play and have fun.

2. They Get to Attend a Great School

Oak Forest Elementary is recognized as one of the best elementary schools in HISD. Most teachers at this school have over 11 years of experience. Your child's future school also has class size regulation, so class sizes do not exceed 18 students. At Oak Forest, you’ll have peace-of-mind that your kids are truly taken care of.

There are also some amazing private schools in the area like Duchesne Academy, The Kinkaid School, and Awty International for parents who prefer a setting for learning that differs from HISD curriculum.

3. There’s Lots of Green Space Nearby

Our neighborhood is located minutes away from Memorial Park where sunshine, green space and fresh air is plenty. It’s the perfect place for you and your kids to burn off energy.

For kids that like to play sports, this park also has multiple baseball fields, soccer fields, and volleyball courts that are open to the public.

If your family is in the market for a new house, make Candlelight Place by Lancaster Homes your first stop. Your kids will be happy you did.

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